Compensation FAQs

How long will it take to get a voucher ?

Once your claim is in our compensation system (Paytia) it is sent to the relevant responsible party to review (Amey, VIVO or Pinnacle). Each time the status changes on your claim you will be notified by email. If a valid claim is submitted and then approved, a voucher will be released within minutes of approval and will be sent to you via email. You can search for the words “voucher assign” in your inbox to filter the correct messages.

Why are emails coming from “Paytia on behalf Pinnacle” [email protected]? How can I tell they’re genuine?

This is the system address used to generate all the notifications, they will always “cc” the relevant email address for the team in Pinnacle, and will always contain the reference number you were provided at the start of the claim. For appointment claims (missed appointments, wrong trades and failed move in appointments) we’ll never ask for your bank details as the claim is fulfilled by a high street voucher.

I have logged 2 claims for the same time/day but only one has been approved. Why?

The compensation scheme is valid for 1 claim per time slot. If you had 2 jobs booked for the same time slot, only 1 would be eligible for compensation

I have logged a claim for works outside my home, but it has been declined. Why?

External works, where access is not required are not covered by the compensation scheme.

My claim has been declined by DIO’s maintenance contractors (Amey/VIVO) but I have proof of a missed appointment? What do I do?

Email your evidence to [email protected] quoting your claim reference number. Please ensure you send the evidence with the date it was sent visible.

I have tried to submit my claim but the submit button on the form is grey, how do I submit my form?

You cannot submit a claim until you verify your email address. Once you have verified your email address and filled in the relevant information you can submit your claim

When will I get an update about my claim?

You will receive an update about your claim when DIO’s maintenance providers have reviewed and updated your claim. Usually this will be within 20 working days.

My appointment was cancelled the day before my appointment. Can I claim compensation?

No. If 24 hours’ notice has been given of a cancellation you cannot claim for a missed appointment.

The engineer was late to the appointment, can I still claim compensation?

If the engineer fails to attend in the agreed appointment window and they haven’t informed you that they are running late, you can claim for compensation.

How will I receive my voucher?

Your voucher will be emailed to you from our compensation system, Paytia ([email protected])