In my home – Damp and Mould

Dealing with damp and mould

Defence Infrastructure Organisation teams are implementing several actions, with the support of DIO contractors to tackle this issue.

In empty homes

When a home is being prepared for a family, if damp and mould issues are discovered, they will be resolved prior to move-in. If they can’t be resolved quickly and in time for the allocated move in then it will not take place. This is in line with the move in standards which can be reviewed at the link below.

Move In/Out Standards

In homes that are lived in

If a family discovers damp and mould issues whilst in the home, they should report it straight away to the National Service Centre – click below to see how to contact us. You can contact our Damp and Mould direct line using our main telephone number, and selecting Option 1 then Option 4.

One of our National Service Centre team will ask you a series of questions to assess the severity of the damp & mould issue in your home. Following this assessment, we will then raise the initial task with Amey/VIVO and they will arrange for a specialist Damp & Mould ‘First Responder’ to visit your home.

As part of their visit, the First Responder may clean and treat areas of damp & mould. However, the main purpose of their visit is to:

∙ Assess the property to validate the telephone severity assessment
∙ Collect additional details about the issue
∙ Decide next steps including instructing professional surveys and/or scheduling works
∙ Provide advice on how to prevent or reduce damp & mould
∙ In severe cases, trigger a move-out

If the First Responder decides that either a professional survey or remediation works are required, Amey/VIVO will contact you directly to arrange a follow-up appointment.

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The booklet below may provide helpful advice to preventing condensation, damp and mould in your home.

A guide to preventing condensation, damp and mould