Problems outside of my home

Report a problem outside of my home

If you spot an issue outside of your home and live in an area managed by the MOD Estate, we would be grateful if you let us know. You can tell us by contacting the National Service Centre.

If your home is outside of an MOD Estate, please follow the appropriate channels to resolve, such as the Local Authority for streetlights and your local water company for burst water drains.

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Reporting a problem:


The MOD Estate may be responsible for the local playparks, streetlights, potholes in the road, street signs, drains, manholes, grids and trees in communal areas. Issues you may report could include:
  • Vandalism at a playpark/graffiti
  • A streetlight that is not working
  • Dangerous potholes in the road
  • Damaged street signage
  • Blocked drains/gutters

If you do spot damage please let us know. We will need the following information:
  • The nearest road and house number to the issue and any description to help us pinpoint the exact location
  • In detail what the issue is, highlighting any health and safety concerns
  • Your own details for recording purposes, to include name, address, phone number and email
  • For streetlights please also take a note of the actual black number on the streetlight column itself. This will be printed on the column at about eye height