Compulsory Safety Checks

By law we must complete safety checks in your home to ensure it is safe for you and your family.

This includes your annual gas safety check. Sometimes there will be safety inspections and an engineer will run a few basic checks. Other times we may have to complete some work to ensure your home complies with legal standards and is safe.

Compulsory safety checks are vital, so if you receive an appointment from us you must allow us access to carry out the work/inspection.

If for any reason you can’t make the scheduled appointment please let us know straight away and we will happily rearrange. Please use HomeHub to change your appointment. If for any reason you can’t use HomeHub, please get in touch with our Compliance team.

Compulsory safety checks include your:

• Annual gas safety inspection
• Annual oil-fired boiler inspection
• Periodic electrical inspection

Don’t worry, that is for us to sort on your behalf. Our team keep a record of what is required in each home and when compulsory safety checks are due in your home we will contact you 3 months in advance to let you know about it. This will typically be by email, unless you have stated that you would like us to contact you in a different way.

You don’t, we do this for you. To make it as easy as possible, about 3 months before we need to visit we will contact you and allocate you an appointment slot. If the time and date we propose isn’t suitable, let us know on HomeHub straight away and you can re-arrange for a time and date that suits you. If for any reason you can’t use HomeHub please contact our Compliance team.

We know life is busy and have set in place a reminder system that will tell you about your appointment at 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks and 24 hours prior. At each of these stages there is the option for you to rearrange if it isn’t an appointment you can make.

However, please do everything you can to attend the scheduled appointment as by law we have to complete this work within a certain timeframe.

Yes. They are really important appointments, as the work is required by law. If you are serving you are authorised to take time off work for these checks. Just make sure you clear the appointment time with your Chain of Command.

If you do need to rearrange your allocated time, let us know straight away.

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