Applying for Service Family Accommodation

Making an application for Service Family Accommodation

Applying for Service Family Accommodation

To be entitled to apply for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) at your assignment location, you must be a serving person with at least six months left in service and be:

  • Aged 18 and over
  • Married or in a civil partnership or have permanent custody of children

If you are a single serving person or in an Established Long-Term Relationship (LTR(E)) you may also be eligible to cohabit in surplus Service Family Accommodation where availability permits. An LTR(E) must be defined by specified criteria and recorded as such on Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) by your unit HR.

The type of home you are entitled to is usually dependent on your rank for officers, and your family size for other ranks. For full details on entitlement and eligibility for UK SFA check JSP 464: tri-service accommodation regulations (TSARs) Part 1, and for overseas check Part 2.

To apply for Service Family Accommodation you can complete an application on the e-1132 system, available on the Defence Intranet.

To access the e-1132 system, please copy and paste the following URL into your address bar when logged on to the Defence Intranet: (For security reasons, the e-1132 system does not work on the Internet).

When you submit your application, the e-1132 system will show you available homes that match your entitlement and can be prepared in time for your move. From here you can select your top three preferences.

If you have any special considerations that we should know about, or require Additional Needs/Disability Adaptations (ANDA) to your home, please include these in your application.

The e-1132 system also lets you:

  • Track the progress of your application
  • Book your move in date, once you have accepted an offer of a home
  • Electronically sign your Licence to Occupy
  • Book the move out appointment for your current home if relevant

If you are deployed on operations and don’t have access to the Defence Intranet you can submit a paper MOD Form 1132. To find out more please check the Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464 Part 2, Chapter 4.

Your License to Occupy is a legally binding document that entitles you to live in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) for as long as you are entitled.

You will be required to sign a new Licence to Occupy each time you move into new Service Family Accommodation.

Find out more here.

All service families have the chance to select their top three preferences when applying, depending upon availability. To help you make your choice the e-1132 system hosts basic information about the homes available, such as floor plans and photographs (where these are available).

We are working hard to improve the level of information you can see about available homes, as we understand how important this is to families.

Once you have selected and submitted your preferences, you will receive confirmation of your selections on screen and by email. We try our best to provide you with your preferred home, but this is not always possible due to local demand.

If you have told us on your application that you have Additional Needs / Disability Adaptations (ANDA) requirements our Home Services team will pick this up straight away. To help find you a suitable home they will ask for some paperwork from you, either an Occupational Therapist (OT) report containing housing requirements, or other medical professional supporting documentation.

We know this information is highly sensitive and we take great care of it. We have a very secure process for digital transfer of these reports. You must send via the secure email address of [email protected]. We will never ask you to send this information via any other email address.

If you don’t have an existing OT report or your medical condition or family circumstances have changed, along with your adaptation requirements, you will need to provide a new or updated OT report, or other medical professional supporting documentation.

Once all of the paperwork has been received by our teams, we have up to 15 working days to find the right home for you, and will try to do this sooner if we can.

We will either allocate you a property that already meets your requirements, or one that DIO can adapt before you move in. We will let you know at this time what your move-in date can be, allowing for any extra work to be completed first.

Please make sure we get your OT report, or other medical professional supporting documentation,as soon as possible as we can’t begin to progress your allocation until this is received. Any OT report or other specialist medical documentation must contain your housing needs/requirements.

The circumstances under which you can apply to retain your SFA Home are in line with Ministry of Defence Policy set out in JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 7, Section VIII. Retention of SFA/SSFA which can be found at

To request to retain your property, you should follow the following process:

  • Review the Ministry of Defence Policy set out in JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 7, Section VIII. Retention of SFA/SSFA which can be found at, to understand if you are eligible for retention.
  • If eligible, you can apply for retention by completing the FORMAT Form. This can be located in Annex A to Chapter 7, to JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 1.
  • On completion send the application form to [email protected].
  • Send any supporting documents for your application to our secure email address at [email protected]

To prevent delays in processing your application please ensure all supporting documents are sent at the same time as submitting the FORMAT Form.


As part of your home choices during the application process, you can opt to live in furnished, part-furnished, or unfurnished Service Family Accommodation (SFA). All homes have curtains and a cooker as standard.

If you would like a furnished or part-furnished home, you can request a selection of clean, well-maintained furniture, which will be delivered to your home in time for your move in. You must complete this request on the e-1132 system.

Your Offer

Our Home Services team will review the preferences you’ve selected and make you a formal offer within 15 working days via your e-1132 application. If we haven’t been able to provide you with any of your top choices, our team will do everything possible to select the best alternative. They will provide the reason why this has happened when making the offer to you.

You then have 10 working days to review the offer with your family and let us know that you would like to accept it. If for any reason you aren’t happy with the home offered, you will need to formally reject this within the same timeframe.

Once you have accepted the offer through the e-1132 system, you can view a copy of your Licence to Occupy and agree it on screen straight away. You can then book your move in appointment, and, if you’re moving from another Service Family Accommodation, your pre-move out appointment.

Our team will have done everything possible to find you a suitable home and we are very sorry if this does not meet your needs and you wish to reject it.

Once you have let us know that you are rejecting the offer through the e-1132 system, our Home Services team will see if there are any other homes for you that match the criteria. If there’s another suitable home available, we’ll make you a second offer within 15 working days. If not, we may have to offer you the same home, but we will always explain the reason for this to you.

Please be aware that you are not likely to be granted permission to retain your home at your old duty station.

You are encouraged to accept the second offer we make to you. However, if you have exceptional personal reasons for turning your second offer down, you can request a review of your case. To request a review of your case, you must complete the Second Offer Review Form, which will accompany your formal second offer. You have 4 working days from the day you receive your second offer to make an application for a second offer review to the Housing Colonel relevant to your service.


If you are being assigned and have your assignment order/date, or if you are about to get married or are expecting another child, or any other change of circumstances. please complete all of these details on the e-1132 system when making your application.

If you already live in Service Family Accommodation in the UK and have received your assignment order, please make sure you complete your application on the e-1132 system within 14 days so our Home Services team can start working on it straight away.

If this happens, we’ll issue you with a Non-Availability Certificate (NAC) via your e-1132 application. The substitute Service Family Accommodation team at Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)  will then take ownership of your application upon your acceptance of the Non-Availability Certificate and begin their search to find you a home. You can get in touch with the DIO Accn Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) Helpdesk on [email protected]

If you’ve lost entitlement to your Service Family Accommodation through a change in circumstance, retirement, redundancy or estrangement, and would like to discuss any queries you may have, please contact DIO:

If you believe that you will lose entitlement to your home in the future, or find yourself in this situation, advice is available from a variety of sources. As well as the Joint Service Housing Advice Office, other sources of information and advice are the service charities, Families’ Federations, housing advice centres and local authorities.


If you require further help please don’t hesitate to contact our Home Services team.

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