Radon in domestic properties

Radon is a naturally occurring, colourless and odourless gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. Radon is everywhere: outdoors and indoors and we all breathe it in throughout our lives.

Radon from the ground is drawn into a building through small cracks and gaps formed during and after construction. The radioactive elements formed by the decay of radon can be inhaled and enter our lungs. Inside the lungs, these elements continue to decay and emit radiation which can cause localised damage.

Whilst every building has radon, certain geographical conditions can lead to higher than average levels and the concentration of radon indoors varies with the time of year, day to day. Radon is identified as a potential hazard in dwellings in the Housing Act 2004. Studies by the UK Health Security Agency have produced evidence that this gas, if left to build up in properties, can increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

How DIO and Industry Partners Manage Radon

DIO Accommodation and their Industry Partners have a Radon Management Plan in place to manage the risk of Radon in SFA and reduce levels where required. Testing is the only way to be sure of accurate radon levels within the property. Our specialist contractors, carry out all our Radon related work including pod drops, collections, installations and servicing.

Your Obligations

• We ask that you allow access to your home as requested for pods drops, collections, mitigation installation, servicing and maintenance.
• To enable the equipment to work correctly, please do not switch off or tamper with any equipment installed.
• Please report any faults to the Pinnacle Helpdesk on 0800 031 8628 as soon as possible

Radon Monitoring

Monitoring of radon is completed in all SFA within radon affected areas. Levels in homes are normally measured over the winter period when properties are less likely to be ventilated. Two pod detectors are left within properties for a minimum