Our FDIS Commitment

What we’re doing together for you

DIO, Amey, Pinnacle & VIVO are working hand-in-hand within the FDIS contracts to deliver a good-quality, responsive and mod- ern service to the families.

Our Armed Services and their families make many sacrifices, some obvious but others much less so, to serve and defend our nation. In recognition of the unique challenges they face their homes need to be secure, warm, of good quality, and with access to well-kept and welcoming community spaces.

Clearer Communication

  • New Pinnacle HomeHub delivering a modern digital experience, and holding key information on homes
  • A range of self-serve options, with families able to raise and manage jobs
  • More time with Housing Officers in the home to support Move-outs and Move-ins, and a new 14 day visit
  • Self-help videos providing simple guidance on move-outs, move-ins and other key activities
  • Regular updates on upcoming visits and activity by email and text, and ability to track operative location

More Flexibility & Control

  • Four-hour appointment slots, reduced to one hour the day before
  • Evenings and weekend appointments
  • Speedier response times: Urgent jobs reduced from five days to two days, and Routine jobs from 15 days to 12 days, and promises that we’ll keep
  • Ability to rearrange visits through the HomeHub
  • Incentives to achieve a first time fix
  • Over time, more detail, floor plans and photos to help families choose their preference

Greater Reliability

  • Critical focus for Amey and VIVO to achieve a first time fix in the majority of visits, with no return needed
  • Increased levels of spare parts in our vans, and easier access to stocks elsewhere if needed
  • More time allowed for tasks, and an option sometimes to do other work while we’re in the home
  • Where we can’t do a first time fix, we’ll agree a return date before we leave in the majority of cases
  • Transformed Move-In process, with this critical day for the family always being a great experience